Well, it depends on what you intend to hang. Let’s start with the basic ”Which kind of garments?”

Top Hangers

Flat-shaped hanger is the most popular version of this type, suitable for basic shirts. Besides, there are many other versions of top hangers with unique designs. Mainetti products are suitable for both household usage and fashion store displays. The top of the hanger may have a ribbed upper surface or a rubber notch that supports fixing the neat shirt on the hook. Anti-slip grooves are designed for sleeveless, sleeveless shirts, act as a resistance point to ensure your clothes stay on hanger.

A multi-purpose hanger can be used for different types of garment without stretching the fabric, leaving mark on clothes.

Top hangers with anti-slip trenches – for tank tops, sleeveless tops, T-shirts

Flat hangers – for shirts

Multi-layer top hangers – to combine many pieces of garment

Jacket hangers

The characteristics of the coat hook are the shoulder part that reaches out to the side gradually. The two ends of the hook are expanded, the thick plate helps support the shoulders and sleeves. The middle area of the hook tends to be wider to support the collar. The hanger must have a slight curve based on the shape of the human body. The vest hanger also includes a horizontal bar (clamp or not) to combine the pants / skirt synchronously.

Jacket hanger with bar – fold over trousers

Jacket hanger with adjustable metal clips           

Bottom hangers – Clip hangers

This clip hanger could be considered to be the most versatile hanger style, as these can be used for skirts, trousers, shorts, and even towels and all sort of various item which need hanging. There is a hanger designed with sliding section that can be adjusted to the size of your garments.

Bottom hangers with fixed clips

Bottom hangers with adjustable clips

Rubber pads inside inside each clip – to protect garments


Either you prefer the natural look of wood or the contemporary feel of plastic, we have a best hanger to suit. Mainetti Hangers are designed to suit your clothes, meet all of your needs and at a price to suit your pocket.