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Hangers & Accessories

Mainetti hangers are uniquely designed and produced in a wide range of materials to carry and perfectly display all types of garments. Our Mainetti experts are available to help you create a consistent and brand enhancing in-store presentation.


Mannequins are a key element to showcase your brand, image, and style. Picking the right mannequin helps enhance your display and directly influences your customers’ buying decisions. Choose from a variety of our carefully curated mannequins to suit your needs.

Paper Boxes

The outside of the box is often as important as what it carries inside, and the right presentation box can make your product feel even more special. Mainetti provides many options of innovative and practical paper boxes.


Selecting a display rack is no simple task, but Mainetti makes it more simple. Whether you are looking to maximize your retail floor, promote a sophisticated look to enhance your merchandise, or anything in between, we have the proper products for you to bring the greatest impact.

Shopping Bags

Shopping bag is one of the most effective marketing tools to promote your brand in the store and in public areas. Mainetti is your partner for nicely designed shopping bags to carry your merchandise and project your brand.